Monday, March 16, 2020

Kansas Misc (baseball, around the house ) and New Years

Thanks to the world of social media I had the kids lined up to take part in a spring baseball league (which is actually postponed right now due to the coronavirus) But they had a baseball clinic over Christmas break. It was perfect and the kids REALLY needed the time to get out and run around. They all had fun. Thomas wishes he could play too. Maybe in a few years. 

New Years Eve came and we tried to stay up to watch the ball drop in NYC. Most of us made it, but miss Mary didn't:

Few photos I had from the break. Hot chocolate and marshmallows: 

The garbage systems here are lacking but so thankful there is a private owned company that offers composting!!! 

Got this new LoveSac from Costco for the basement

Photo from before Christmas, decorating the tree.


This was the morning we moved in. Thomas couldn't sleep, which means I couldn't either so might as well start unpack right!?!

Getting the basement up and running. 

Take out!

We found a fun ice cream shop with bubble tea! We'll have to go back cuz every time we drive by the kids say "We've been there... ONCE" lol. 

SOOOO MANY boxes! We had motivation to get them all unpacked cuz the company that moved us was coming back to pick them all up for recycling. 


Harpo likes the house, lol catching some ZZZzzzzs

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