Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Thomas's Potty Training Adventures and January Misc.

Kyle and I had a trip planned (tomorrow actually we were to be flying to Punta Cana for a trip I earned through work and our first ever adult trip without kids) and I was motivated to get Thomas potty trained before we left to make it easier on my mom who was going to be watching the kids. 

Funny I have a photo of him in underwear which is still a challenge but he's fully trained... just when he wears underwear he pees a little in them... almost every time right now. 

Me and Mary reading chat books

Lots of time without pants throughout the house and potty placed everywhere. Getting the hand of poop in the potty is the biggest hurdle but he's done great and now 2 months later he is a pro! 

Some other photos to share from January. 

Morning out to eat for breakfast at Beautiful Day Cafe. 

Out to eat for dinner at BJ's Brewhouse. Thomas thought it'd be fun to jump on the top bunk, luckily he didn't fall of but hit his face real good on the rail. Poor guy. 

Super Bowl was fast approaching. Isaac and I ran into the mall to get him some underwear for him at Old Navy, had to snap a photo with Mahomes 

Shiner looking worse the next couple days. 

Making slime! 

Big boy!

Harpo freshly cut 

Tired girl. She may have been sick, she usually doesn't nap unless she's ill. 

Photos from school that the teacher shared: 

Isaac's class. Red day the week leading up to super bowl. 

Emma's class: 

Thomas and I stopping at the bookstore across from the school after morning drop off. 

Treating the kids to ice cream at Little Lion Cafe. It's our new Sebastian Joes. 

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