Monday, March 30, 2020

Kids' Activities

February 5th: Our regularly Wednesday morning Music Together class. Thomas sure does love his music! 

Isaac enjoying his Wednesday evening Karate! 

February 11th I went to the kids' school to watch their Tuesday assembly. Both the girls were awarded a leader in me certificate.  

February 22nd there was another baseball skills clinic the kids attended. It was a Saturday evening, I had a cycle class all day for my new job at the YMCA; which I was laid off with this whole COVID-19 stuff :-( I hope once this blows over it'll be an easy re-hire process.  I was just getting ready to have my own class in June! But I still need to do some team teaching before that happens. 

Anyway I had that all day Saturday then we all attended the skills clinic together. Their season is also on hold. They were suppose to be in the middle of double weekly practices. Isaac made it to one then they cancelled the next day because the ban of groups 10+ was put into place. 

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