Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New Year's Day Zoo Trip

New Year's Day was on a Wednesday 

Here's Mary with all our Chatbooks. These are books I have made from my instagram posts so the kids have some tangible photos to look through. It's my quick way of printing photos since I'm so behind with photo books. They love sitting down and sifting through them. 

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We decided to try out the Sedgwick County Zoo, they have winter Wednesdays so it was reduced admission (which now we've discovered we get a free membership through Kyle's work)

Thomas afraid of the little bird :-D 

Highlight of the day was hearing the lion roar! 

We quickly realized you get what you pay for. Those were literally all the animals we saw, HAHA. We'll have to go back when the weather is warmer, hopefully it's better. There were some really nice exhibits just no wildlife. 

That evening we searched high and low for a place to eat. Ended up at this shitty hole in the wall we will never return to. It was a bar and they were still dirty from the night before, balloons, confetti everywhere. We ordered then 10-15 minutes later they come out to tell us they had run out of cheese for the pizza... it was a pretty crappy dinner. After five attempts (the below picture being one) of trying places and all being closed we should have just taken that as a hint to GO HOME. OH well, we ate what we ordered then went home and the kids had a snack, lol. Lesson learned. 

This place was NOT open. But had nice Wichita flag painted outside their door. 

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