Monday, March 30, 2020

Concrete Work - First week of February

Biggest project so far, had some concrete poured. We got a lovely notice that the marks on our sidewalk (marked in October) were our responsibility to fix. The city does NOT cover sidewalks. Bullshit... but we were stuck. Unfortuatnly they did not mail a letter out until January 10th so even though it was marked during previous ownership there was nothing we could do since the city is so behind in service orders. Since we'd pay to have the 16 tiles of sidewalk repaired we might as well redo the horrible spot in the driveway. Also had some mortar work done by the same guy. 

The BEFORE's of the Concrete: 

They got started February 3rd. It was just going to be a few day project... but as the week went on our neighbors decided to have them work on their sidewalks as well. See when the city gets a complaint about the sidewalk they come out and mark an entire block at once. So all our neighbors had their bad patches marked as well. They ended up pouring on Friday. 

They got all the sidewalk sections (all 16 of them) busted out and framed throughout the week. We had to park in the street since they were working on the driveway as well. 

I picked up this fetching at the local surplus store, put it up to keep Harpo off the newly soon-to-be poured area. 

They filled the skid steer up with concrete on the road then drove it back and dumped it in the driveway spot. This was a large area and was a ALL HANDS on deck so they saved it to the very last. Meanwhile EVERY house on our blocked used this guy, HAHA

And Done!

Naptime for little man in the midst of all that work outside. 

Different day... my photos are all out of order. Tried to put them back in order best I could, lol. But I think the two sleeping photos are separate times during the week. 

They also did some mortar repair to the detached garage and the front of the house where it was missing the mortar between the bricks!! I didn't get a photo of it, just take my word for it, lol. They gave us a really good deal on the mortar since we got them so much business with our block. lol. He ended up redoing the mortar a couple of times cuz he wasn't happy with the first group of guys he hired to do the first batch. Then he wasn't happy with the color it turned out to be. I was glad he had a keen eye for it and was willing to make it right. Hard to find good workers around here but this guy was good and I'd be happy to hire him again.

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