Tuesday, March 24, 2020

First Day of School

Two first days of school this year! Had to capture it. And now they won't be returning this year... learning from home until next year :-( 

We sought out this school because of the great reviews in the area. The Wichita public school system gets a bad rap.. but I had hope it would be okay. This is a neighborhood magnet school so you either have to win the lottery to attend or live in the tiny area neighborhood district... which made house hunting difficult but hey we did it. Still not so sure about it and thinking about looking into private schools. But the kids like it for the most part. We learned how blessed we are with our schools back home in Minneapolis. Isaac was way advanced but they don't have break out groups so he was stuck with a LARGE class of 27 with kids that were way behind and way ahead. His teacher did send him up a grade level for reading time. Right before school got shut down he did some testing for the gifted program, so I'm curious to see what comes of that.... next year. Will all have to wait. Wow how things have changed. But their 10 weeks of 2nd grade and Kindergarten in Wichita were good. 

Just wish the school didn't do so much fundraising for OUTSIDE organizations. I'm all about fundraising for the school and my child's education but not happy they are getting pulled out of learning to sit through an assembly to hear about a corporate fundraiser every other week. In the first 8 weeks of being there they had 4 outside group fundraisers... urg! Also the endless sugar and treats given to them was ridiculous! No wonder they were getting sick, too much sugar. Everyday one of my three kids had a sucker in there mouth, told me about a birthday party with cupcakes, or had an ice cream party for something. Maybe that can get adjusted by doing no treat birthday celebrations. 

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