Monday, March 30, 2020

Making Valentines February 8, 2020

The kids' school had a valentine party (of course they did cuz they are all about parties and treats and sugar...) Anyway so instead of buying valentines we made our own. I have PLENTY of supplies stocked away. I bought some fun toys from oriental trading company cuz the last thing I wanted to do was contribute more candy. So we went the toy route. They were cheap little toys and I probably spent less than if I bought store bought valentines. The girls took plain paper and wrote their names on all of them and added stickers. They were instructed not to write names on them cuz it's easier to just pass them out and not worry about who they go to. 

Then once the little beanies arrived we used some fancy ribbon to attach their valentines to the stuffies: 


Isaac also made his. We printed cards we designed online and added a stress ball. He picked out the toy he wanted to give. He is in a BIG class! There are 27 kids in his class. Way too big in my opinion... but heck he only had to deal with a large class for 10 weeks his whole second grade year. This COVID-19 thing is kind of a blessing in disguise. 


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