Monday, March 30, 2020

Museum of World Treasures - February 1, 2020

Lazy Saturday morning, well for the early morning. The kids like to eat breakfast at the bar and honestly it's easier to serve them when they're there and I'm working on fixing stuff in the kitchen. 


Saturday February 1st we took a trip to a new museum call the Museum of World Treasures. We weren't sure if we wanted a membership or not so we paid the admission to check it out. We'll go with just that one visit as it's not the most child friendly place. It was really fun to explore and glad we went but it prob won't be more than a once a year visit. 

They had dinosaur bones: 

And lots of other cool artifacts. NO TOUCHING. 

This was significant to us because we're reading Acts in BSF this year. Reading about Paul's journey all over Europe and southeastern Asia so cool to see this pottery froM Cyprus. 

They had two mummies which were really cool! 

There were a few things the kids could interact with and the third story had a big kids play area (sponsored by Cargill) :-) Thomas was high time potty training so a few trips to the potty and some pooping in his underwear was great fun. 

Back home again for some TV time while Thomas napped. 

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