Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Biscuit Co & Art Museum February 15, 2020

Saturday February 15th we went to Dempsey's Biscuit Co for the first time. We had tried to go the previous Sunday but the wait was so long we decided to go to Harvest Bread Co instead (big mistake). This was the first go then we went two more times that same month, lol. SOOO good. Totally not healthy, but amazing chicken, amazing buscuits and we did love their brussels sprouts, which they were out of the last time we went. 

I loved that some of their meals had to do with local streets, this is in our neighborhood so I of course had to get the Belmont since that's the street we live on. There was also the Douglas and Hillside, Broadview, and Clifton. 

Kids got waffles, pancakes, and french toast. 

Kyle got chicken and grits

After brunch we headed to the Wichita Art Museum. It was free Saturday and we wanted to check it out. To our surprise they had a Dave Chihuly glass sculpture just like the MIA has (Minneapolis Institute of Art). 

This pregnant belly was carved out of glass. It was in a special exhibit by Preston Singletary. So cool. 

We weren't there long and we managed to see everything. There was some construction happening at the main entrance and it appeared that many galleries were closed. Maybe next fall we can go back and they will have more open. 

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