Saturday, March 14, 2020

Moving In - well our stuff anyway

They first gave us a move in window of Monday through Thursday (December 16-19). When they packed up our stuff he confirmed it would be Monday. But Kyle had already planned to be there the entire time not knowing when our things would arrive. Ironically enough they were hit with a snow storm Monday and they ended up closing their schools for THIS: (really!?!)

Meanwhile back home I was working on finishing projects to get our house listed. We had planned to list come January 10th. I got a piece of board to cover this ugly piece in our unfinished basement next to our garage. 

Breakfast at the house: 

Piano getting built:

Tuesday the new washer/dryer set we ordered when we were down for closing was delivered. 

Kyle enjoying a free lunch at chipotle on his birthday. 

And he even got the tree up for us. 

Meanwhile back home still getting project completed. Had some parts of window trim replaced. 

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