Monday, March 16, 2020

Goodbye Minnesota

Saturday December 21st, 2019 was the big move day. Even though all our stuff had already moved this was the day WE moved! Had to get one last photo of Thomas in the place he was born :-) 

We had every nook and cranny filled but we managed to get it ALL to fit! 


Last step: turtle on top

Harpo sleeping in the corner while we packed up the vehicles

Family photo in front of the house before we say goodbye. Lots of great memories in this house, in this city, and in this state. Sure missing Minnesota! But I know we'll be back. Kansas is just a temporary thing. 

We caravanned along the way. Girls rode with Kyle and I took the boys including Harpo. 
It wasn't long before everyone was sleeping. 

Beautiful sunset along the way. 

Pit stop in Des Moines

We drove down through Nebraska so the kids could add a state to their map. Arriving in Kansas just before the day switched over. Had a good 2 hour chat with my brother on the phone to keep me awake where we talked about how we were leaving Minneapolis but driving through Minneapolis, Kansas, how ironic is that! HAHAHA. 


We got to the house late and of course it was filled with excitement seeing all the boxes and being in a new place. The beds were good to go but it was hard to go right to sleep. 

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