Sunday, August 31, 2008

Yard work

Today we spent sometime getting the yard in order. While Kyle mowed I went around and pulled weeds from the sidewalk and gathered up some dead leaves that were in various corners and in flower beds and added all that to my compost. I also turned and watered my compost, so I hope it's cookin'! I could use the soil already!! I need to put it in this pot that keeps tipping over and driving me nuts!

We also got some more concrete busted up. We got the two last posts out! It opens up that space. We have a little bit more we want to do before we lay down sod and call it a season. We'll probably finish up the rest next spring or sometime...

The lady that took that last bunch came again today at 4:00 and we helped her load up quite a bit. All of it isn't gone, so I posted another ad on craigslist. Hopefully someone will want it :0) we figure if they don't want it now, next spring someone will be looking for a project. I don't think we'll actually haul it away ourselves until we are finished with it all. We both don't mind if it sits there a while, it won't really matter because in about 3 months it will be a snow pile anyway, lol.

Our goal is to get sod laid next weekend, we have about 30-an hour left of busting then just need to get the ground ready. Luckily it's all level :0)

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