Sunday, August 24, 2008

We're HERE!!

Last night we stayed our FIRST night in our new home! I woke up at 3:00 or so FREEZING! It's amazing how a room can get cooler as the temp drops outside, unlike in our apartment when it was firey hot ALL night long!

Let me recap yesterday since I wasn't able to last night. We woke up and had a relaxing morning, boxed up all the little odds and ends that were still around the apartment. Then we went and got the truck at 3:30, Kyle's two friends: Tomar and Jeff came over and helped us load up the Truck and Kyle's Jeep, we brought that to the house and Jeff had to leave and go to work, but my friend Jill was able to come help us. It was awesome having help, it really made the moving not go so bad. We would have been two very tired people if Kyle and I had to do it all ourselves. We were able to get the trouble pieces in: couch downstairs, bed frame upstairs.... the only problem was the queen box spring that was suppose to go upstairs! We needed about 2 more inches, although that was just to get started we would probably need a little more room, it got stuck hitting the stairs and the top of the door frame. We are still working on what we are going to do about that. For now the mattress is just on the bed frame which is working out fine for now. Then last night we got a few things put here and there, got the bookcases where we think we want them, and the drawers back into the coffee table and chest of drawers upstairs.

Today we woke up and I headed to church to teach Sunday school, made a trip to home depot then we came home and did a lot of little things until the cable guy came home, lets see here is all the little things we got done (kyle did a lot of it while I was at church):
  • put our shower head up
  • knife rack up
  • put the face plates back on the outlets and light switches that we had taken off to paint
  • changed out two light switches; they were a little old and wobbily and I just didn't feel comfortable with them in there
  • put the last piece on the bottom of the dishwasher
  • got our bedside lamps up
  • did a little paint touch ups in the living room, a little more is needed
  • moved the office around so the sewing desk and computer desk are where we want them now... the rest of the room is full of boxes scattered everywhere
  • put the smoke detector back on the wall where we painted
  • cleaned the paint out of the tub (from washing our brushes in there)
  • moved the grill to the backyard
  • unloaded MY jeep that we loaded after we took the truck back last night, it had the weight bench in it and just a couple last minute boxes

I think that's about it for all the little stuff today: then the cable guy showed up. He got the cable somewhat hooked up today, it turned out the house is completely wired from where the people had the dish hooked up to, and the actually cable came into a different corner of the house... so we have cable in the guest bedroom (which has NO TV) and he also wired up the office so at least we have Internet! There wasn't enough time today for him to get the living room hooked up so we have to call back and schedule someone to come do that since he didn't know before he got there that all this other stuff needed to be done.

After he left we went to Ikea to get some things, I got an office chair since ours had broke at the apartment a few weeks back. We also got some cheapo rug runners to protect the hardwoods for now... we'll get nicer ones later on when we have $$ for them. We also got a new filing cabinet because we are out growing ours... so if anyone needs one we will be listing our old one on craigslist soon :0) I actually sold a little bookshelf yesterday, and I have my old desk listed, but no hits yet... and for the big ticket item I got a new dresser!!! Kyle and I were sharing his (the one he made) and it was getting too crowded, so in order for us to not have our clothes spread all over the house in various closets we decided for me to get my own dresser for my clothes that way kyle can keep all his in his dresser and that will be that... I can't wait to put it together. We couldn't really find anything to match his bedroom suite so we decided to get something that would at least look good in the upstairs room, it matches the trim :0)

Well it's late and I have a full, busy day at work tomorrow so I better get the coffee set up to start tomorrow and head to bed.

I'll post more pictures soon, our couch is coming Tuesday!!! WOO HOO we are so ready for the couch so we can relax and have a life back!

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