Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

This day I had off work so I took Kyle to the bus stop so we wouldn't have to worry bout his car and he just took the bus from work to the new house!

I spent this day CLEANING! I cleaned the carpet in the front room - which was so nasty. Oh Sat/Sun we met our neighbor, this nice little old lady. She was telling us that the people who lived there before had two pitbulls and they would poop all over the cement contraption they had in back and they wouldn't clean it up for weeks. There was also tons of pee spots in the front rooms carpet (good thing we plan to tear this up!) Anyway so I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! Wiped all the walls down with bleach water, mopped, the whole 9 yards!

Kyle got there after work and we got word that the house was OURS! The bank approved everything on the HUD! SOOOO this meant it was time to install the dishwasher! We opened up the box and dug out the directions, only to find out that there was a list of items we needed to complete this job... it would have been nice to know this when we got the darn thing. SO we read through the whole directions and figured out all that we needed and off to Home Depot we went! This trip was spend getting tons of plumber stuff, another wrench, an elbow thingy, something to get the ground on the electricity part, etc.

We got home to find that two of the things we needed were the WRONG SIZE! ARG, but we were starving so we fixed dinner really quick, inhaled it and rushed back to Home Depot! returned what we needed to return, talked to some more people got the info we needed, started out the door, realize we forgot something turned back and got it (if you're not counting that's THREE trips in the total time of a few hours!) They are really starting to know us there. But Home Depot is so great because we just stand around looking for a worker spot them and then ask them all our questions and they walk us through everything! We could almost start charging for our plumbing service now :0)

We went home and somewhat got the dishwasher set up, we had to cut a pipe to install a new valve and line... the remainder ended up being too small, it was very late so we decided to just leave it at that!!

Tuesday we took the day off from house work......zzzzzzzzz..............

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