Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting to get settled

Tonight we took over a large load of just 'stuff'... things that were kinda around the house not really having a packing place before. Once we got that over there we started to organize a little and unpack some of the boxes. Getting downstairs things downstairs, garage things to the garage and put in place and then the rooms separate to what will eventually be put away in that room. Got the trash set out since Wednesday morning is trash day, set the recycles out and a few bags of weeds and twigs we pulled up the first weekend. We even got some kitchen stuff put away. It felt nice to get things in order, hopefully that will help the weekend move to be less chaotic.

So our plan for the rest of the week is as follows (lets see how good we do):
Wednesday: water softner guy coming (part came today was on our door step when we got there), plumber coming to fix the drain, getting 2nd/final coat on the living room walls, which will complete that room, maybe getting the upstairs finished primed (half is done already)
Thursday: get first coat of paint on bedroom (not hallway part of upstairs just where the furniture is going to go)
Friday: carpet cleaners are coming to clean living room carpet and stairs, get second/final coat of paint on bedroom
Saturday: MOVE IN!!!
Sunday: do something.... maybe unpack here and there and kind of take it easy but more like getting the house livable and the cable guy is coming this day too!

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