Friday, August 8, 2008

Let's just throw out the Kitchen Sink!!!

Today I got to the house about 4:00, did some straightening up, cleaned the hardwood floors with some 'special' hardwood cleaner.... supposedly there are wax hardwoods and no-wax hardwoods, luckily ours are no-was otherwise we would be down on our hands and knees applying new wax!

Still working on the kitchen sink, the clog is still there, but now everything is leaking from the sink strainer to the main pipe in the wall..... SOOO monday I'm just going to gut the drain pipes haul them to Home Depot and get all new ones instead of trying to find a few new pieces to mix with the old... THEN all that should be left with the kitchen sink will be the darn clog (which is mineral build up from the hard water we have)

We finished fiddily with the water softner, I printed off a manual, we are having someone come out next Wednesday to take a look at it.

I got a load of laundry done... FOR FREE! WOO HOOO no more paying for laundry!

When Kyle got home we putted the living room, next comes sanding then one more coat of putty then I believe we'll be ready to PAINT!

I also worked a little on getting the multi layer wallpaper up, but I'll probably work on that on Monday (my day off)... I actually somewhat enjoy doing the wall paper, putty on the other hand, NO WAY!

We're taking the weekend off, heading to Milwake tomorrow for a Dave concert then a Brewer's baseball game on Sunday. Harpo is getting boarded at the vet for the VERY FIRST TIME! I pray he does alright, he's going to be so sad, but it's just for one night; my friend Sheryl is picking him up Sunday night by 6:00 so that he will be home when we get home around 10:00.

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