Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We have use of the kitchen sink!

A few big things happened today:

  1. We got a plumber out and he fixed the drain, it now drains properly instead of taking a whole day!
  2. The water softner is up and running (at no cost to us!)
  3. The living room is painted!

I also got the upstairs and hallway all primed, so hopefully we can stay on schedule and get the first coat of paint on tomorrow. I also got some kitchen stuff transfered from the apartment and put away in our new kitchen! We got the tape pulled off of the windows, ceiling and doors in the living room... which I thought was going to be fun (unveiling the clean lines, that is) but it was rather difficult. A few spots the paint came up... all the way to the original paneling... so a few touchups are needed in there, but it's not that bad. You probably wouldn't be able to tell unless we pointed it out, but now that we've seen it, we will always notice the spots.

We are almost to the point of living there. I'm so excited to not have to drive to bed each night!

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