Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From the beginning

Alright, so I had a grand idea to get all the work we're doing down in writing, cuz maybe it'll be fun one day to go back and look at it.... SOOO I should probably start with August 1st - CLOSING! WOOO HOOO

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Closing was set for 2:00pm and we were to meet Maleigh (our realtor) at our new house at 1:00. We still had not got the final numbers of the HUD and were waiting on our closer (Laura). I called Lesley (our lenders assistant) that morning, still now word. Finally about 9:30 we got the final numbers... PROBLEM... the bank/sellers are suppose to have 72 hours to review the HUD before closing. That wasn't really going to happen since closing was just a few hours away. Well we did go to closing, Maleigh and ourselves were the only ones there, SURPRISE... not really the listing agent was not really on top of things the whole time so it's wasn't a surprise that he did not show. We got everything signed and were just waiting on word from the bank that they approved the HUD. So we could still move in, we were just advised to maybe not do anything 'major' to the house just in case....

Leaving closing we went home to eat, which we were both about to faint since we hadn't eaten since breakfast. Then we headed to Home Depot! They had told me before that they would take our Lowe's 10% off coupon since they didn't have one for moving.... we get there and they won't take printed copies, well Lowe's only emails you their 10% off, WTF! So I just said "well you're missing out on a LOT of money, we just bought a house and have a LONG list of things to get"... she told us to hold on and she'd figure something out. So it turned out that if we opened a Home Depot credit card we could get 10% off and 12 months no interest! Sweet so it worked out. We got pretty much everything on our list (what was our first list... many more to come). The dishwasher, downspouts for the gutters, paint stuff, kitchen faucet, putty, flu cover, light bulbs, etc... for the life of me (and Kyle cuz I just asked him) we can't remember what all we got in that first trip, it was a lot, but we've also been back to Home Depot everyday since.

We took that load to the house, then came home and got Harpo and took my car, which had a lot of stuff that we had accumulated before hand that we needed to unload at the house.

So for our Friday night house work we:
  • took off this paneling over a door in the basement
  • cut out some drywall that had some mold on it from the water leak that happened during our inspection :0/
  • put the downspouts on
  • put new lightbulbs in
  • hooked up the washer and dryer
  • adjusted the garage door opener
  • adjusted the latch plate in the garage door
  • unclogged the toilet
  • put dehumidifier in basement

I think that is about it for Friday... OH OH we ordered PIZZA!! and had it delivered to our NEW HOUSE!!!!

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