Saturday, August 16, 2008

Prime Time

We took the dining table over to the house today as well as some clothes... we're slowing getting moved.

We got the living room all primed and the ceiling rails with two coats of paint. The ceiling rails of the drop down ceiling were brown and we are painting them white.
living rm primed

Tomorrow we will be ready for the first coat of paint in the living room. We were hoping to do the living room and upstairs bedroom, but it looks like it will be easier with one room at a time. We had to leave the house by 4:30 today to get ready, Kyle is taking me somewhere for my birthday and the reservation is as 6:30... :0) I don't know where it's at yet!

I'm covered with paint so I'd better hop in the shower. Oh Harpo felt that he had to help out with painting so of course he was present in the room the whole time and even got a little paint on his back, lol. He seems to relax more at the house, I think the new ness has worn off for him, but I can tell he still loves it because he gets SUPER excited when we are leaving the apartment and headed to the house.

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