Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our couch came!

Last night we got our couch delivered!! We are super happy to have something to rest on and now we can even lay on the couch together... well all fit! One the other couch (loveseat) it was really a squeeze to get Kyle, me and Harpo all on the couch, lol. We don't have the TV pushed back to the wall because the cable guy is coming tomorrow, so once he comes we'll push it back and it won't sit as close to the couch.
living room couch

I also wanted to share the picture of the garage, it was so nice being able to park both cars in there that first night on Saturday.

And here is a picture of the dining room, we are going to get the bookcases hooked to the wall, once we do that we'll put all the stuff back in them. Also is the picture of the rug runners we got from Ikea.
dining room
dining room runners

That's about all that is new with us. I got a composter last night, found on craigslist. I'm excited to get to start using it, although it will probably have to wait til next spring as it might not get hot enough now that the weather is getting cooler. We've just been going through our clothes trying to figure out what we want and what we don't really need. Oh and we've been watching the democratic convention! The Republican convention is here in St. Paul, they are already talking about roads being shut down and Kyle said during the convention anyone going into his building has to have an escort (ie: delivery people, etc). Even though it's in St. Paul (not Minneapolis), from what I hear, it's going to be crazy everywhere. Too bad we don't really CARE about the republican side....

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