Friday, August 8, 2008

Feeling like home

Today when I got to the house it actually had the feeling like it was home. Maybe it was that things are getting cleaned and we're getting more things moved over there.

I gave Harpo his first haircut at our NEW house, on the back deck. It was so nice not to be cramped in the bathroom and the hair was much easier to clean up outside! I also gave Kyle a haircut when he got home from work :0)

Tonight we didn't really do A LOT, just a few little things here and there;
  • we worked on the water softner, got it up and running bought some salt for it on our Home Depot trip
  • cleaned a little more in the basement, wiped down the shelves
  • measured the back yard for sod placement, hoping to get it down before the end of September over whatever concrete ground we get busted up by then
  • Started to tackle the clog at the sink drain, got the hand auger out and it looks like we're going to have to call the professionals for this one :0/

Yeah, that's about it, kind of a quite night but we still worked a lot. Next week our goal is to focus on walls! We gotta putty, sand, prime and WOO HOO PAINT! We hope to get the living room painted before we move in and if we're really motivated the upstairs bedroom and hallway as well.

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