Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting the walls ready!

Today was another full day at the house... and now I can barely keep my eyes open. But I will try and get it all down before I forget.

This morning I fixed the drain under the kitchen sink.... WOO HOO NO MORE LEAKS! But the drain still does drain slow every once in a while. It's getting better so I don't think we need to call anyone just yet, it just might need to get all that mineral buildup out. The kitchen sink is the only drain, draining slow.

I also mowed (well what was there, we don't really have much grass so you really can't even tell I went over it with the mower) Then I set the sprinkerler out before noon and again after 6pm (we are only suppose to water our lawn in those times and since our house is an odd number we can only do it on odd days).

I got the rest of the carpet up that was in the hallway, so the hardwoods are showing in the front room, which is what will be our dining room and the hallway. (I added pictures to my old blog).

I took down all the wall paper in the upstairs bedroom and shampooed the carpet again, Kyle wiped down the walls so it's pretty much ready for paint.
Upstairs wall paper:
upstairs bedroom stairs

Upstairs no wall paper:
upstairs wallpaper removal 2

I also worked some more on getting the wallpaper out of the kitchen. There are at LEAST three layers! YOu can see in this pictures there's the top coat which is a fruit border, then under that there is some roosters, and under that is a red thick wallpaper layer and then the yellow sponge painted wallpaper!
multi wallpaper layers2

As Kyle says "by the time we get all this wallpaper off we will have added a few square feet to our house!"
kitchen wallpaper
kitchen wallpaper removal

I also finished putting the living room and when Kyle got home from work he sanded everything. So it's ready for it's second/final coat of putty and then we'll prime and paint! Things are starting to come together.

Oh yeah we also moved some shelves around in the basement and started unpacking a little. We have just been unloading into the two bedrooms on the main floor and they are starting to get full so I thought it probably a good time to start putting things 'away'.

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