Thursday, August 21, 2008

Light at the end of the paint can

We got the upstairs bedroom and the hallway finished with it's first coat. We have the last/second coat to do tomorrow and we are FINISHED painting... for the time being anyway. We took another full load to the house and loaded the other jeep so we can take it tomorrow... all we pretty much have left at the apartment is the furniture. It's weird how the house has all our 'stuff' but the apartment has all our furniture. The only thing that is NOT at the house is the bathroom stuff. We took over all the kitchen stuff today (everything but the fridge and freezer food). We have some friends helping us out on Saturday when we move. I also got a desk today off craigslist and posted the desk I have, hopefully I can sell that before next Friday so I don't have to haul it anywhere.

We are pooped! It's late and we are so ready to be living in the house. Harpo is feeling a little neglected since we've been so busy, but he sure does love sticking his head out the window on the way home, lol. He is SOO funny!

Tomorrow the carpet cleaners are coming and the living room will be ready to move into!

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