Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping trip

Today we took a load to the house and then hit up Home Depot for one (kinda final) trip. We had made a list of all the things we were wanting for the next while. We got PAINT!! WOO HOO I'm so excited to get it painted so we can get moved in! We got stuff to fix a screen on the back door, the rest are in alright shape I was able to push them back into the frame and they stayed.

We got some stronger stuff for the darn drain... which we are going to just go ahead and call the professionals because we're tired of dealing with it. It seems to be getting better but at a VERY slow rate and we can't run the dishwasher until the drain is flushing properly.

Tomorrow we plan to prime the living room, hallway, and upstairs bedroom and then paint on Sunday and last coat on Monday.. that's the plan anyway.

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