Monday, August 18, 2008

Paint, Prime, Tape...

I got to the house today and got the ceiling tiles all down since we had popped them all up to paint the rails. It looks SOO much better you can tell if you look at the picture below of when we had puttied and then this picture showing the first coat of paint and the ceiling all white.
living room first coat
living room first coat of paint

Like I mentioned before the water softner guy is coming back this Wednesday and we are suppose to have it completely cleaned out (again, which we did before we put salt in it to try and get it to work). Well the bypass valve was leaking so even though we had the knob turned so we could have water to the rest of the house it would still fill up the water softener. But I fixed that today, just took apart the valve and straightened out the washer that was twisted, so that's one thing fixed, the part it suppose to be delivered soon so the guy can fix it Wednesday.

Then I finished taping the ceiling in the living room and got some tape on the upstairs so we can get that primed. Right before Kyle got home I started painting the living room, once he was home we finished that together. Our living room wall color is a greenish color called: Mountain Sage.

Then we went to grab a bite to eat, and on the way home I got rear-ended! But really no big deal. There is this hitch that is rusted into the back of my car and I had always wished I could get it out... good thing it was there tonight because it prevented the car from touching my bumper but scratched the heck out of the other guys bumper, there was a big hole in it. He was a sweet little gay guy who said "Well it's not going to cost over $1000 so no use claiming it". It was also his fault so if we called the cops he would just get a ticket. Since there wasn't a scratch on mine we just left it at that.

After we got home we primed half the upstairs and then finished taping the rest. It was so hot up there that the primer was drying super fast, if we went over it a minute after I first put it on it would start to peel. So we had to prime it at warp speeds, then by the end we were both dripping in sweat. We will def. need to remember to pick up that A/C at my mom's house!! for next summer.

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