Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting some relaxing in

This morning we went to the state fair. That was fun, and also tiring, we both came home and took a nap. Then I got the office a little organized, we got a shelf up in the closet to use as storage (we used to have this in a storage locker at the apartment). It's a little narrow, but there's room to the left to hang some hanging shelves we have, ya know those canvas shelves that you can hang... anyway.
craft closet

Yesterday we got the box springs, that won't fit upstairs, out to the garage so the guest room is walkable. It just holds the boxes that will go on the bookshelf and the board shelves we took out of the office closet. But it is pretty much all ready for my mom to come visit!! I can't wait, less than two weeks.
guest room

Yesterday we also got some more of the concrete busted up. We plan to do a little more tomorrow, a lady is coming at 4:00 to pick up the broken pieces, so we want to make sure there's all that she needs :0)

I think I had mentioned that I got a home composter..??.. anyway I've been working on getting that filled. Today at the fair in the eco-building there was some info on composting and I was also able to talk to someone. I'm painting a little plastic container to keep our food scraps in to put in the composter so we're not always running outside to put them in and we can just wait till the bucket gets full and dump that in. Whenever Kyle mowes, probably tomorrow, I'm going to go around and get all the dead leaves in the yard to add to it.

But as for tonight we just plan to take it easy and grill out. We started a movie last night but both ended up falling asleep, so maybe we can get through it tonight!!

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