Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stages of moving into a new (forclosed) house....

So I am moving from the excitement phase into the tiredexhausetleavemethefnckaloneeverythingisp!ssingmeoff stage :0) isn't life grand!?!?

Today I realized:
  • I am tired of going to the house everyDAY and working ALONE!
  • I am tired of being at the house until 10 or 11 THEN coming home taking a shower and trying to wind down
  • I am tired of waking up everymorning at 6:30ish to load up a vehicle for ME to drive after my half day at work
  • I am tired of being the one that has to do everything
  • Oh did I mention I'm tired
Okay onto what I have accomplished today...
  • I put the 2nd coat of putty on the living room walls (all it needs is sanding then prime/paint)
  • Rushed to the house to be there when the guy was suppose to come to fix the water softner (anywhere from 1-5... which I could have been working and making money)... he got there and was there for probably a total of 5 minutes. But he did bring good news, the softener is under warranty and the new part is getting shipped to us and they'll be back NEXT wednesday (between 1 and 5) to install it and get it all working (under warranty)
  • Got our weights and work out crap unloaded into the basement.
  • checked/fixed the screens all over the house, and took out the ones that we'll need to fix
  • fixed dinner (oh wait that really isn't on the list of house fixing, but it took up time)
  • Moved our camping stuff to it's new designated spot
  • Kyle got measurements so we know how much paint to get (well all but the upstairs bedroom)
I think that is all for today. Oh during the rain and hail we had about 3:00 I made sure the windows shut and got a few to shut that we couldn't get before.
The kitchen sink is still draining slowing, PIMA!

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