Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

~*~WARNING:~*~ this could be boring to most of you, so you don't really have to read the whole thing :0)

We woke up and took a load to the house, we had to return some things at Home Depot so we left Harpo at home for the am shift. Saturday Home Depot trip was spent returning the sink drain (wrong size) and the lens for the basement light which was a centimeter too small. BUT in turn we got lost of other stuff we found out we needed.... batteries, valves for under the kitchen sink, hose & sprinkler, mop, trash bags, etc....

Saturday AM was spent
  • sweeping and vacuuming the house
  • watering the yard
  • pulling weeds
  • mowing a little
  • picked up trash in yard

Went home for lunch and picked up Harpo; the PM was spent

  • breaking up some concrete
  • straightened up the fence
  • cleaned the upstairs bedroom carpet
  • cleaned the ceiling fans in each room
  • took house numbers off the door (there were two sets up house numbers up)
  • Kyle got on the roof and put the flu cap cover on
  • we labeled the breaker box (or parts of it)

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