Thursday, August 14, 2008

Better Day

Today was much better, I guess I just needed some rest.

When we got home (apt) we loaded up Kyle's jeep, went over to the thrift store to pick up a few blinds for the windows, came home had dinner THEN headed to the house. Even though I still felt rushed from the moment I got home from work, it was a little better because I had help loading and driving to the house.

Tonight we:
  • Unloaded the jeep
  • Sanded the living room wall which is ready to prime now
    Kyle sanding
  • Put up blinds one in the front window of the guest bedroom, whenever we would go to the bathroom anyone walking down the sidewalk or street could see straight in to us at the toilet, LOL. We also put one on one of the windows upstairs on the south wall. (we got these blinds in unopened boxes at the thrift store.... so we'll eventually get more for the rest of the house, those were the main windows we wanted, the others aren't really a rush.
  • Kyle also worked on getting the rest of the salt out of the softener
  • Then we made our ritual stop at Sebastian Joe's (ice cream!)

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