Monday, September 1, 2008


Today we went shopping. Our first goal was to go to the thrift store that was having 50% off and get some clothes (since we can't afford the real deal) although it's nice getting name brand items for a fraction of what they are worth. Kyle got a chair for the basement and our workout area. Yesterday I finally got to run for the first time in a month and Kyle lifted weights... and also found out that the set up we had was not going to work, so we spent some time rearranging the basement trying to get it so things could actually be done and realized we needed a chair so he could do military press without hitting a wall or ceiling.

We also got some blinds to finish up the two rooms we had only one set in: the upstairs bedroom and the guest bedroom. The only crappy thing was, well besides them being a pain in the arse to put up, the bedroom now has one white blind and one creamish colored blind OH WELL! I think the upstairs ended up both being white.

We also looked everywhere for some shades for the living room, the sun makes a horrible glare on the TV and it also gets pretty warm in there without something blocking the sun. We tried: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens and Things, and JCPenny's; I think we are going to resort to the internet! All the other rooms can wait. We figure that would be a good item for our wedding registry :0)

We also got the little hanging shelves thingy I talked about before for the office closet to maximize our storage space. So far I just have my yarn in there, but we'll find something else to put in there.

I did have one email today about someone wanting our concrete! WOO HOO hopefully that holds up, he asked how much we would charge for him to get it ALL. I replied NOTHING! Just if he hauls it away he can have all he wants. Kyle said "Heck if he wants more we can just bust the WHOLE thing up and be done with it!" We'll see, pray he wants it all :0)
We just had dinner, yum yum. We cooked out crab stuffed salmon on the grill! I love those little double packs from Target, they are so quick and easy and YUMMY! And after our stomachs settle we'll have some ice cream cake. I couldn't resist the other day when Kyle was wanting a blizzard from Dairy Queen (I swear he's addicted to those things) I gave in and just bought an ice cream cake... I figured HEY it was my birthday not to long ago and we didn't get a cake so this will be it. Nice thing is I cut it up in lots of slices and it lasts a while!

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