Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Founder of HOAW

Today we did a lot in regards to the house!! Wednesdays are just my half day so when I got home I finished up the laundry and worked on getting all the wallpaper out of the kitchen area. Like I had mentioned before there were layers upon layers of wallpaper/borders it was such a pain in the arse! It didn't really come off difficult it was just that there were so many layers. I am starting an organization: Home Owners Against Wallpaper! If you are thinking of putting up wallpaper DON'T DO IT!!!! Because it will be a nightmare for whoever else is going to have to take it down (it could be YOU!)

We also patched that spot on the roof, made a Home Depot trip and got a board for under our mattress since our box spring did not fit upstairs. We also got some weed killer as we are going to get our sod down this weekend (hopefully). We got a trial shade for the living room window, we both hated it, so that is going back and the search continues.

I guess that's all we did, I felt like we got a lot accomplished.... but just a few things.

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