Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The little culprit!

Alright I should probably start from the beginning of the story...

Our neighbor Cille (Francille) has a little tomato plant on her back porch on the side that is next to our house. We one day she was so excited about her one red tomato! She came back the next day and it was GONE all that was left was a little leaf that was on the top. Later in the week she noticed one of her green tomatoes gone.

Well a few days after we layed the sod I noticed something had been digging at the edge of my composter. I didn't think it was harpo because for one he's not really a digger and for two his paws have never been that dirty. So I brushed the dirt back into the hole and put the little piece of sod back in it's place. Well a few hours later it was MOVED!! This little culprit has made it's way into our yard as well!

Kyle and i put a stone there blocking the little hole this creature chewed in my composter and since then we haven't seen any activity. Until a day or so ago I noticed a little circular hole in our sod! That little sh!t is at it again!

The other day when I got home from work after parking in the garage I was walking up to the house and heard the fence rattle between Cille's house and ours... so I ran over to see if I could catch this little devil. No luck, I think he ran under Cille's deck.

Well tonight I looked out the window to check on our sprinkler to see if it was done watering or not and THERE HE WAS!!!!! He wasn't on the sod but over to the side with a HUGE acorn looking thing in his mouth, and he was digging at the ground (not on the sod or I would have shot him) (with what I dunno). Anyway this damn little squirrel has caused a heep of trouble in our backyards... who knows what he's doing to our other neighbors. And all my life I thought squirrels were so cute and I'd love to watch them eat at my grandfathers.... but low and behold squirrels are just like children... cute and adorable but little stinkers deep down!

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