Thursday, September 4, 2008



Alright so from the beginning... the other day we were at target and took a look at their blinds (as I mentioned before we are only getting blinds for the living room right now because all the other rooms can wait, but the is a glare and light that comes in in the living room.) Okay so we found these brown ones we liked at target... GUESS WHAT... yeah they were being discontinued so they were on clearance which is good, the bad part was we couldn't find the color we wanted (brown) in the size we needed (27")... we that day (Monday) we went to another target... nothing there.

At that point we thought okay we'll just find something else we like just as much, that same day we went to Linen 'N' Things (nothing we liked and they were too expensive anyway), Bed, Bath, & Beyond (nothing there either we liked and too expensive), JCPenny's they didn't have anything you could just buy, it was all custom order crap. I checked another Target on Tuesday but no luck there. Then yesterday we checked out Home Depot, found some that might be able to work... brought it home and YUK! it did not look 'natural' at all [which is what it said the color was] in the store it had a tan tint to it, but once we got it home in the room it looked yellow or almost goldish. So that is going back and we refuse to get the custom ordered ones because the size we need is so common! The search was still on! Until today I thought I would try the target by my work, this would be the fourth target. I finally grabbed someone and said "I want this color in this size, you have the size but not the color, you have the color but not the size" He looked on his little hand held thingy and said "looks like we have 0, but Rogers has 7" I was like SWEET! I need 6!!! My next question was "where's rogers?" Turns out I've been there before to do a car seat check event, just forgot but it was the next exit north of maple grove. He called to confirm they had 6 and they did so I hurried up there and GOT THEM! Now I just hope they work out when I put them in the room. But if not I can always return them. SO I found what we wanted and on clearance! WOO HOO! Here's the stock photo of them, I'll get another one up when they are actually up in the living room.

Here are the blinds all up. They are longer than we need, but that is alright because i was able to move the little knob stoppers so they don't expand all the way. But if you can see in the picture with one open and one shut (we did it this way because the window's open horizontally and this way we are able to have one blind open for a breeze but not have to have the whole thing up) anyway the one down and one up you can tell it hangs a little farther down below the window because that is where the next crease in the roman shade is... if we did the one above that then it would be too short. If that doesn't make sense then you will just have to come visit to figure out what I'm trying to say :0)


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I understand what you mean about the blinds!

Anonymous said...

Cute blinds!

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