Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long Day

Today seemed so long since it felt like Monday all day and since I've been running around since I got off work. The other day when we got the cables off from all over that were hooked up to the satellite, we also took the satellite dish down and this created a little spot on the room that needs to be patched up. We filled the holes already with some sealant we had, but we also wanted to put a shingle up there (it's in a spot that no one will see but the airplanes flying over). We checked out Home Depot and we'd have to buy a whole bundle just to get one. So I've been watching craigslist and found a guy looking to get rid of a few for free. So after work I tried to workout for a bit (too much to do, my mind couldn't focus) then Kyle got home and we drove over to this place where my mom is wanting to ride a trolley when she comes here. For some reason they aren't selling tickets online and you have to go see some station attendant. Anyway we drove around for a little while, no luck! Then we stopped by this guys house and picked up the 14 shingles. Then I dropped Kyle off and headed to my weight watcher meeting (2 more weeks of maintenance then I'm a lifetime member!!)

After leaving my meeting I headed to Eden Prairie (about 20 min away) to pick up a baby gate for $15!!! I'd been looking for a swinging baby gate to put at the top of the stair so Harpo wouldn't venture down there, although he doesn't really go down there. He'll come down if I've been down there for 30 minutes or so, other wise he just waits at the top. I think they are too steep and too slick for him. Anyway we got a gate at the top just to be safe.
gate to basement

Last night after I blogged we got the rail put back up to the upstairs. we took this down to paint and then I wanted to clean it real good before we put it back up. So I washed it last night and we got it back up.

That's about all for the house work. During the weeks it's nice to take it slow and just do a little here and there. :)

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