Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Labor Day Weekend Trip to Missouri & Big Brutus

We had yet to make it to Springfield since living in Wichita, so we knew we wanted to get a trip in this fall. We were thinking maybe in October when the kids had a long weekend off school. Then I discovered the kids were out of school both Monday and Tuesday of Labor Day weekend so we planned to make the drive over then. We got an AirBnB rented and reserved a spot at the dog resort for Harpo. Wasn't planning to have a crazy two weeks leading up to the trip, so there was literally no prep or planning going into it before we left. Friday arrived and it was go time. We picked up the kids from school and headed east. 

We got in late Friday evening and conked out. Saturday my mom came in and we had brunch then went to walk around Bass Pro Shops. My friend Brandi came in to say hello while we roamed around the shop. It was fun to see the displays and fish. There was a real live MONSTER FISH, lol. Thomas was obsessed with the monster fish exhibit at exploration place so it was fun to see something similar that was alive. 

Saturday evening we met up with my brother and his kids for dinner. My niece was turning 15! the following day so we had a celebration dinner. Followed by a stop at Pineapple Whip for dessert. 

Sunday we had a lazy morning then drove out to my home town of Fair Grove and gave the kids the grand tour. Then went to my friend's creek to play. Kids had a blast and got to experience country life of creek playing and crawdad catching, lol. They loved the kayaks. 

Sunday evening we went back to Springfield and went to Kyle's good friend's house for dinner and games. Great conversation all day. 

Monday my mom came in and we had lunch at Springfield Brew Co. Forgot to get pictures, darn it.

Then we went out to see the cousins again at their mom's house and swam in the pool. It was a HOT day, perfect for swimming. 

Amanda had pulled this old bounce house out of storage, I have a photo from 13 years ago or so of me and Aliyah bouncing in it, lol. Cute to see the kids trying to fit but they are a little big for it. 

Crazy seeing these kids growing up so fast! 

Since we were pretty far south already we decided to take a drive to the Arkansas line and get the kids another state on their map. We also drove over to Table Rock Lake. 

Almost everyone got a nap, so that was good. 

We stopped in Ozark for the infamous Lambert's Throwed rolls. My brother met us there for dinner, then we were to meet up with my dad at a park. Not realizing how early it gets dark, we had a little twilight play on the playground. 

Next morning we checked out of our airbnb and headed back west. 

I had heard about this big excavator but couldn't figure out where it was on the drive over, my dad reminded us of it's name: Big Brutus! So we decided to make the stop on the drive back. It cost money to go up to it... well Thomas and I had to pee so we wanted to use their restroom. Thomas was free since he was under five so I paid the $8.75 and him and I went to explore it while the other's waited in the van. 

It was fun to walk up inside of it, reminded us of the Yorktown from South Carolina. Although once we got inside there were TONS of wasps flying around so we did not stay and quickly looked for the exit. 

We made it home and all slept good being in our own bed. 

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