Wednesday, September 1, 2021

July 9-11 Miscellaneous

Isaac finished up his baseball season. 

Thomas and the girls were in music together this summer. Thomas started out in the family music together class but after he turned 4 he asked to go next door with the girls that were doing the older kids Rhythm Kids class. He was a much better fit for the older class. It was apparent this summer that we have outgrown music together... it was a nice 9 year stretch, but we've graduated. 


The target chair (that was already broken) broke in the library so we got this new love seat chair to replace it. Also super exciting to see the picnic tables back for lunch! 

We discovered a new pool. well new to us, it was actually just next to where Isaac played baseball but we'd never seen it until driving nearby on the highway. It's a city pool so we have to pay $8 for a family pass, but the kids loved it. I think they liked it because it was smaller than the Y pools. 

That was Friday night (above) then on Saturday we went to the South Y water park (we get in free with our membership). It was HOT

Sunday Isaac had a little gathering with his baseball team to celebrate the end of season. They all got a ball and signed it for each other. 

And of course the box from the new love seat chair has been great fun. I'm writing this about a month and a half later and it's still getting played with in the sun room. 

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