Thursday, September 23, 2021

SC Vacay Day 3 - Rainy Day Boat Tour

Tuesday morning, August 3rd, I got up and went for a run. There was a BIG bridge that went up and over the canal to get to Isle of Palms and my goal was to run to the top of it and back. I woke up to beautiful cloudy skies. It had rained a little the night before and the forecast had said there was 100% of rain this day and for the rest of the week. 

I had to put some laundry in the laundry mat first so I went across and snuck a peek at the ocean before heading off. 

Then I did a quick little warm up and headed up the bridge. So gorgeous!

Made it to the top!

It wasn't such a bad run, so I ran down on the same side, crossed the street then ran up the bridge again on the other side :-) 

It started raining while I was in the shower once I got back to the condo. We had a boat tour booked for today so we all got ready then headed into Charleston for breakfast (brunch). 

At at this place: 

Rain stopped just before we left breakfast. We headed over to Aquarium Wharf area where our boat was going to depart. We were a little early so the kids got to explore the nearby playground. 

We waited for our cruise boat to come in. 

It arrived and we boarded. 

It was nice hearing the tour guide's dialogue telling us all about Charleston and the history. 

Here's Waterfront Park that we were at just the day before. 

Rainbow row and a view of the Battery. 

Then we cruised out to Fort Sumter

Then over by For Moultrie which was on the end of Sullivan's Island. 

Fun to see the shrimp boats. Here you can see a dolphin by the side.

There were two stop points you could either get on this cruise where we did on the Charleston side, or across the harbor at Patriots Point. They picked them up first, so we dropped them off first. We had to go around the USS Yorktown to drop them off at the dock. 

Then headed back across for our stop. 

Then we drove toward our island, stopping at Sullivan's Island for lunch at Poe's Tavern. This is Edgar Allen Poe. 

More rain while we waited for a table. The weather ended up being really good because of the rain it was overcast and made the boat right nice and cool. There were some sprinkles while on the boat but nothing that got us wet. 

We got home, went to the beach for some play during high tide, and hit the pool while Thomas napped. 

Dinner was ice cream at Ye Ole Fashioned.
We did end up finding more dinner, a wood fire pizza place with no indoor seating... so we were standing around because it was rainy and all their outdoor seating was soaked. Headed home and called it a night. We were tired. 


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