Monday, September 20, 2021

South Carolina Vacay - Day 1 (Flying, beach time, & a hammer head shark)

August 1st we woke up bright and early for our family summer vacation! We were headed to South Carolina! I have a goal to hit all 50 states - and the kids have started tallying too... but I had hit most all the east coast states except SC for some reason so we decided for our next beach trip to be there. We flew into Charleston, SC, but first had a layover in Atlanta... cuz the only two places you can fly direct on Delta out of Wichita is Atlanta and Minneapolis. Another reason for heading east because I didn't want to have to back track knowing we'd hit ATL or MSP first. 

Play area surprisingly open in the desolate Wichita airport. 


Good bye Wichita!

Living their best life ;-) 

Made it to ATLANTA! Had to hop terminals first, then find food. 

Had a pretty long layover an hour or two, but it was fine cuz it helped us not feel rushed. Waiting to board our connection. 

All aboard! This plane was better, bigger and had the TV screens on the back of the seats. 

Leaving Georgia. Crazy how the terrain is so different that the flat plains of Kansas. 

Coming up upon the Atlantic Ocean, flying over Charleston. You can see the battery there at the end. Pretty cool and busy harbor. 

And there off in the distance of this next photo is where we will be staying: Isle of Palms. 

Always have at least one grumpy kiddo. 

Little bit of a drive out to our place, but the scenery was great. The trees were SO big! They don't grow very tall in Kansas. 

Made it! Thomas was asleep and we couldn't check in until 3pm so we took a drive down the island. 

looking for our next real estate, lol. 

This was our rental car and this was the condo we were renting, it's the middle one. 

Got all our luggage into the hotel and got changed for the BEACH! I brought along my water proof camera, but this first day was the only day I used it LOL. 

They were calling for rain the ENTIRE week! So we def wanted to get in all the beach time we could with the nice weather. It was a Sunday so the beach was also crowded with the weekend crowd. This was the public access beach... just north of the pier. Our condo had a key code for the 'private access beach' which was literally on the other side of the pier, haha. 


After beach time, we showered off and the kids and Kyle went to the condo pool while Thomas and I showered clean and went into town to hit the grocery store. 

We took a walk down the road from our condo for dinner. We hit a place that was recommended and highly rated. There was a long wait to get seated. We finally got a table out front in the sun and the food was just less than stellar. Not a fun way to start but the scenery was worth it, so we didn't complain too much. 

Waiting to eat (above) Place we ate (below)

We got the kids in bed, finally. Decided to split them up based on their wake up times. Isaac and Mary are the early risers, while Emma and Thomas tend to sleep in if allowed. So we put Isaac and Mary on the pullout so when they woke up they would not disturb the other two in the twin beds in the bedroom.... they HATED this! Fought for a good half hour, then finally settled when they put up a pillow wall between them. 

Kyle and I got to relax on the balcony. 

Kids had been asleep for a while so we took a quick walk to the pier soaking in the quiet moment. So soothing listening to the waves in the dark. 

We walked down to the end of the fishing pier (code access only which our condo granted us access)

Where this guy had just caught a HAMMER HEAD SHARK as we were standing there. 

It was rather painful watching him try to get the hook out... when Kyle said "Man I wish you had some pliers and I'd help you get that out of there" at that point the guy says "Oh yeah I have some right here!" doh! as soon as he used those the hook came right out. But bloodied the little guy up pretty good. Kyle asked to hold him real quick before he threw him back in the water. 

That was a huge highlight of the trip, and on the very first day none the less! Stay tuned for the rest of our week!

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