Thursday, September 23, 2021

First Half of August Random


The Saturday after we got back from our trip we did a YMCA's Parent Night Out. Dropped the kids off for swimming and pizza and Kyle and I had a date night. We hit another Escape Room. This one was the Under Pressure one. 

I had a race I'd signed up for to take place September 11th and had been trying to swim regularly... well goal was once a week.. this was second week of August, Mary woke up bright and early and came with me. This was probably the only time I swam in August, oops, well one of two maybe. Needless to say I didn't train for the race as I had planned. Then ended up getting sick and was pretty weak for the race (swim and run - not a triathlon). 

Getting in some fun time before school started. Making glitter, color changing slime. The glue changes color when it hits sunlight, so that was fun. 

Thomas and neighbor friend, Rosti, playing some bean bags. :-) 

Saturday August 14th we finally made it to Mark Arts. Which is an art gallery that is never open when Kyle and I want to go alone. They had a family day so we attended to check out the gallery. They also offered a yoga session. In the hot hot sun, lol. Mary did it with me and did pretty well for being 30 minutes and straight sunlight. 

Game time with the boys. 

The kids had all won free mini-golf coupons for their summer reading challenge at the library. So that Saturday evening we got in a round of 18 holes. 


Finished the day off with some Andy's. 

Sunday August 15th we went to the zoo. Took a ride on the tram. 

This didn't last long, but was curious if I could put a leash on the chickens, lol. I had come across Harpo's old harness... it WORKED, Bernadette didn't like it, lol. 

Monday, August 16th we made a 1:1 trip to Exploration place, just me and Thomas since the kids were back in school. 

And since the kids are in school we were able to have some alone time to work on an art project he got for his birthday. :-) 

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