Monday, September 20, 2021

SC Vacay Day 2 - Beach, exploring Charleston, & Fishing Pier

August 2nd Monday
First thing, wake up, have breakfast at the condo and HEAD TO THE BEACH. We figured out where our private condo access was so cut through the parking lot to enter through the gate (literally steps away from where we were yesterday, lol) 

Not quite as crowded today. It was about 9am

It was great to have these two wake boards that were in the condo. 

After ocean swimming we showered off and hit the other condo pool. This one was bigger. Although the kids preferred the other one for some reason. 

We walked a couple of blocks away to lunch at this place which was AMAZING!!! We totally should have got there again, but we didn't end up making it back. Brussle sprouts AND shrimp and grits. YUM!


We got Thomas down for a much needed nap and hung out in the condo. Girls were being so cute playing together. 

With the rain coming we wanted to try and walk around Charleston while it was dry. So we headed into downtown Charleston for a little walking tour. 

Found a parking spot, this tree was so crazy how it grows on the sidewalk. 

We drove by rainbow row, this was another set of houses nearby. 

We made it to Waterfront park to see the famous Pinapple Fountain. 

It was pretty crowded with kids swimming all around the fountain and up in under it, but managed to get some good photos - can't even tell there's a crowd :-D

More walking to make it to City Market for some famous Praline candy. Saw some amazing sights along the way. Thankful for a port-a-potty so Emma and Thomas could use it. 

The closer we got to City Market the more horse and carriages we saw. 

It was kind of late almost 5:00 and the outside market had pretty much shut down, but we did walk through the inside part which felt nice to be in the air conditioning. It was HOT outside. 

Mission accomplished for the candy so we headed back to the vehicle. 

We had a list of places we wanted to try but we should have been better organized at dinner plans because we'd end up driving around and where ever we'd land would have a crazy wait. Monday night we ended up at this BBQ place on Sullivan's island, just down the main road from where we were. 

We drove back to our condo then took a quick walk out to the fishing pier, the kids hadn't been on it yet. 

Beautiful sunset and you can see the storms starting to roll in for the week. 

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