Thursday, September 23, 2021

SC Vacay Day 5 - Patriot's Point USS Yorktown, City Market, Dinner Reservations

Thursday, our last full day, August 5th. We checked out patriots point. Here there was the USS Yorktown to explore. 

We spent a great deal of time walking ALL through the two ships (small one first then the big one). 
Kids are inside this little simulator thing that played a video:

There were multiple tours taking you all throughout the many many rooms. Kind of like a maze. The signs kept the kids engaged while we'd try and speed read a few of the informational signs. 

Made it to the top and time for snack. 

Felt really good to be outside. 

Then at this point I think Thomas had pooped his pants, or had to poop, can't remember which but we had to bee line it to the nearest bathroom which was not very close. 

Finished up exploring and then went to the Shem Creek area for lunch. Glad we stopped here for lunch instead of dinner because it was $$$$ but had a GREAT view of the creek. Got to see so many paddle boarders and cancers. It was rainy, but people were still out enjoying the water. 

We were all pretty tired, as you can see by Mary's face, lol. Physically reaching the end of the trip. We decided to drive around for just a bit to let our feet relax. Went over by City Market again, I wanted to see the basket weavers. 

These ladies weren't the nicest and told me to stop when I tried to take a photo. 

We were done for the day and decided to head back to the condo to have some downtime before our dinner reservation. Walked out to the pier and played at the playground while Thomas laid down. Not sure if he ended up actually sleeping or not before it was time to leave for dinner. Which ended up being a mess. I dropped Kyle off for our reservation and then drove around searching for a parking spot... literally took half and hour to find a parking spot which kinda defeats the purpose of reservations.. all I remember was I was almost in tears, Isaac was most definitely in tears, we were all tired and probably just ready to go home. We had a little family meeting once finally seated at the table. We ordered a boil (eating at a Crab House) it ended up being WAY smaller than we expected, the kids ate it up so we ordered another. Went home and watched some olympics then hit the hay for our final night. 


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