Wednesday, September 29, 2021

End half of September Random

Both boys were overdue for a hair cut. I got Thomas in during the day on Monday September 13th. And I took Isaac right after school that same day. This was Thomas's first real haircut in Kansas, lol. I'd just been buzzing it all through covid. 

Can kinda see his scar on the back of his head. 

Thursday the 16th started with our usual Thursday coffee date. Working on his about me paper for CDO (Children's Day Out) Then hit up exploration place that afternoon after his school. 

Oh this coffee date photo I think was from the week before. It's a usual Thursday thing because his preschool starts at 9:00 on M,W,F so he goes right after the big kids go, but on Thursdays he doesn't start until 9:30 so we have a little bit of time to kill together. <3

Sunday September 19th we went to this thing call Open Streets ITC. They shut down a big stretch of Douglas Ave. Because of covid they only allowed businesses along Douglas to participate so it wasn't that big, but we got to check it out real quick before they closed down at 5pm. Thomas had taken a nap since we had church in the morning and he needed one. We woke him up at 4 so we could make it to the open streets quick. 

We only rode down our street to Douglas and turned around at Hillside to go back to the bouncy house we passed. 

Mary supporting her jacket we got from a neighbor's garage sale. 

At Isaac's football practice last night. 


My friend Blair sent me these amazing pants, this super cute chicken shirt, AND a necklace with Harpo on it (I'll have to post a pic later). 

Random morning shots after Tuesday cycle class I attend. 


Waiting FOREVER to get a new battery put in the van. Tired of having a dead vehicle and needing a jump. Took 2 friction' hours!!!! Thomas and I walk a half mile to grab lunch while waiting and it STILL wasn't done when we got back. He's having some hot chocolate here. 


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