Thursday, September 23, 2021

SC Vacay Day 4 - Beach Play, Park, Pier, The Battery


Wednesday morning, August 4th. I got up for another run. Kyle did a run as well and did the bridge peak and back. 

Pretty cloudy, I did see some dolphins swimming with the surfers. 


We got in some morning beach time with low tide while I worked on loads of Landry at the condo's laundry mat. Had to bed the grocery store for change because I'd ran out of quarters from doing sheet laundry the day before. She told me she's not suppose to because of the nation wide coin shortage but did anyway. Turns out this lady was giving all of us change because two other people in the laundry mat encountered the same story. 

This was the remains of our sand castle from the night before. It was right by the water last night at high tide and this morning it was WAYYYY up far from the water. 



Learning the difference between palm trees and palmetto trees. 

Got cleaned up from the beach then headed into town for lunch at the Grit Counter. Some more shrimp and grits... but not as good as the other place. Too much gravy, could have done without the gravy all together. 

We had some time to kill before plans to meet a friend at a park. So we hit the Mount Pleasant river front park and playground. 

And discovered this awesome pier so walked out to the end. This runs under the big bridge: Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. 

Then we drove about 5 minutes away to meet my friend that I hadn't met in person before but we've known each other for 13 years! So that was fun!

Weather was still kinda drizzly. So we went for a drive into Charleston and got Thomas to nap in the car. Then stopped at the White Point Garden which is the tip of Charleston over the battery. 

Went for a walk along East Battery. 

Stopped at Hazel Parker Playground, trying to figure out what to do for dinner while the kids played and we used the public restroom. 

Then walked back to our car. 

We ended up going to a restaurant near Shem Creek called Page's Okra Grill. There wasn't too bad of a wait. We learned quickly that our lack of planning dinner was a problem. We are usually early dinner eaters so we don't typically have an issue with the dinner rush... but with it being east coast time our 5:00/5:30 dinner was now 6/6:30 dinner and every place was so crowded. So we finally made reservations for the next night at a place we had tried to get in the night before. 

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