Thursday, September 23, 2021

Back to School

 I can't believe school started SO early. When we planned our summer beach vacation I didn't realize they would have their first day of school the very next week, less than a week from when we got home actually. They started Thursday, August 12th!

Thankfully we weren't gone for the open house on August 10th, Tuesday. Finally get to go inside the school building again, all of that was banned last year due to covid. This is our third year at the school (even though the first year was just 10 weeks) and I feel like I don't know it AT ALL! It's been a crazy past 2 years for everyone. 

First stop was Isaac's teacher. Since we have three different teachers to meet I went to the first session with just me and Isaac, then Isaac left with Kyle to go to football dropping the girls off with me for the second session when we could meet their two teachers. They split up the open house night to reduce the crowd numbers. 


First day of school came and I forgot to get a photo out front with the little sign... so I did snap one in the car before everyone hopped out in the drop off line, lol. Such is life! 

First day of 4th grade and 2nd grade! 

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