Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Kansas City Day 3 - Light Rail & City Market

 We stayed til Monday, Kyle had taken off work but he had a call he needed to be on that morning. As you can see Thomas slept in a little bit, I went downstairs for one more workout in the amazing gym!

We enjoyed the amenities one last time. 

Then decided to go for a ride on the light rail that went right outside our building. It's free to ride. 

We rode it north to City Market - the north side. I didn't realize they had this huge sign which was the perfect photo op. 

Everything was closed and I had promised the kids treats from a cafe... which we didn't find so everyone was complaining. They didn't like the sun or the walking... we made our way back to another stop and took the train south back to our condo. 

Kyle was finished with his call and we got all checked out of our condo. Went down to the plaza and had lunch at Buca. We miss Buca in Minneapolis. 

Kansas City visits aren't complete without a trip to IKEA! We picked up new beds for the girls. They no longer wanted a bunk bed so now they have their own bed.

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