Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Thomas turns 4

 Thomas's birthday fell on a Wednesday this year. He asked for a bouncy house again so we had that set up in the yard. Which now I think he things that everyone gets a bouncy house on their birthday because when it was our neighbors birthday he asked "Where is her bouncy house?" LOL. 

The girls helped me decorate the night before. Since Thomas LOVES the keeper and can spot them immediately all throughout town, we decided to have a Keeper themed birthday party :-) I even used the fan to make it look like the fire was lighting under the big keeper in the kitchen:

Used my cutting machine to cut the vinyl for the wall clings and paper ones for the garland.

Then of course the traditional decorations of balloons and silver streamers by the bedroom door


I had 4 little keepers hidden through the house as well. 

I went to a barre workout early in the morning and picked up birthday donuts on the way home for the kids to have for breakfast. 

The bouncy house arrived about 9am and the kids got to jumping. Whoa it was HOT!

Break to open a present. The girls had picked this cute game out for him. 

Back outside. Since we have 16 kids on our block, it was natural that our house was where the party was at, lol. We didn't have a 'formal' party, but welcomed everyone over to play and burn some energy bouncing. Kyle was working from home. Isaac had a morning piano lesson I needed to run him to. I left the kids playing to take him... but then when it was time to pick him up I had all the kids leave and brought all mine with me so we could run by and pick up Thomas's cake as well. When we pulled home all the kids were waiting on their doorstep across the street and when we parked the van they all came running over, it was hilarious. 

Break to open a present. I actually found Thomas inside playing by himself. He needed some quiet time. He opened up his little splash pad and we went out to play with it. 

The kids all had swimming lessons that day at 3:30 so we had about an hour of down time before going to the lesson. 

Then some more outside play when we got home, followed by cake. 

I didn't capture these photos the day of but a week later or so :-) 

Baby boy is growing fast! 

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