Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Kansas City Day 2 - Nelson Atkins & City Center

Sunday woke up, Kyle and I took turns working out in this phenomenal gym.

Then we walked a couple blocks over to this cute little breakfast spot. 

We had plans to meet Emily and her cousin at the Nelson Atkins Art Museum at 10 when it opened. We figured the kids would do best at the art museum first thing in the morning. At this point it was a rough weekend, we were all al little low on sleep. We had visitors the week before and were getting to bed a lot later than we were used to so it was catching up with us and the kids were being pretty ornery. 


We made it through the inside then went to explore the sculptures outside. There was this cool glass wall labyrinth. 

Only problem was it was pretty tricky, Emma kept running into the wall and ended up crying her way out. I ran into the wall once myself because I wasn't paying attention and was looking to the side of me trying to get a photo, next thing I knew forehead smacked into the glass wall. lol

After the museum we had to have had lunch, but I don't remember. Oh yes we went to a little deli on the Plaza. Then we headed to Union Station to got to City Center. We got in free with our membership to the Science Museum in Wichita (Exploration Place)

This was good for the kids to just run nd explore. Emily and her cousin stayed with us for a while but then they headed out early. We had dinner reservations together that evening at Jack Stack BBQ so we'd meet up with them again. 

We drove around a little bit, went back to our condo, tried to get a little downtime in... but not much of it happened. 

Made it to the restaurant for our reservation... as you can see Mary is holding it together real well. 

After dinner we went over to Emily's hotel. They had bunk beds and a swing in their room! We put on a movie to the kids, then went up to the rooftop to take a look at the views. We loved this visit and it really made us miss the big city. Further reassurance that we are not meant to stay in Wichita, we are both just not happy in this dinky little town. It's great, don't get me wrong it's a fine place, just not a good match for us. 


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