Thursday, November 3, 2022

NYC Day 1 in the city August 21st

Sunday, August 21st we travelled from Tarrytown down south to NYC. So thankful my cousins were able to drive us to the train station in Terrytown. This really helped with the travel time. We took the train to Grand Central then walkout out to catch a glimpse of the Chrysler building. (my favorite)

Then transferred to the subway to take it out to Long Island/Queens to where our hotel was. 


We rested for a bit, I got in a quick nap, then we went back into Manhattan to check out the Harry Potter store!

We got to try some butterbeer. 

Then we found a park to play at in Madison Square Park. 

It was getting late so the museum we had hope to visit was already closed. We were deciding on dinner, but Emma had to pee really bad so her and Kyle went searching for a bathroom. They ended up going to McDonalds to pee but the rest of us found  a dinner place nearby that they soon joined us at. We ate at at a really good Mexican slash barbecue place called MEXicue. We love how much veggies were served with the meal. Then took the subway back to our hotel and called it a night. 

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