Friday, November 11, 2022

Michigan Trip: Day 2 - Drive to L'Anse & Point Abbaye

After a warm night we awoke not that cold. That little wood stove kept our cabin pretty toasty, which was good because then when we had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night going outside actually felt nice :-P It was a long night, since Harpo was with us and RIGHT there he took full advantage of us at his beckon call and went out about three times in the night. Kids played in the snow first thing. 

Then we built a fire and got breakfast going. We finally bought a camping stove, WHAT took us so long!? It was so nice just turning this one and heating up water for oatmeal and hot chocolate and getting the mocha pot going for espresso. 

We hung around the cabin for the morning just relaxing and hanging out. Since the outdoor pit was covered in snow the wood we hauled from home was of no use. And also because of this we made s'mores inside!

Lots of hot chocolate was drank.

A little around lunch time we ate some food before heading out. Our plan was to drive to the nearby cities during the day. This first day we decided to go north west and explore the existing town of L'Anse. 
We arrived at a little park on the shoreline of Lake Superior and I flew my drone after filling up our 3 gallon jugs of water that we'd already went through in one day (which was all I bought and the water well that was available was frozen)

There was a plaque talking about a ship that sunk offshore, we tried to fly the drone over to see if we could spot it. I made a video and will post when it's finished processing... but I think maybe you can see it in that video. Here are some photos but we don't think that's the shipwreck.

After some play time there we got in the car and drove up north along the shore to Point Abbaye. Even though it was only 25 miles the GPS said it'd take an hour. It did take about 45 minutes but then the last two miles to the point were walking only (which we didn't do) but explains the length of time on the GPS. The drive was beautiful. It was amazing to drive through the different types of trees and see the entire scenery change before our eyes. 

I hopped out at one point to snap these photos. 

Then we arrived at the point, or as far as our car would take us. We got out and the kids played over by the shore while I flew the drone. 

The trees were gorgeous and you can really see the variety. 

We drove back toward L'Anse and stopped at this place we had heard about in a YouTube video: they're infamous cinnamon rolls. We took it back to the cabin and split it 6 ways. 

We got dinner going before dark, played some games, read some books, and got snuggled in our cozy WARM beds thanks to the fire. I had to get these precious photos of Isaac watching the fire with Harpo by his side.

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