Monday, November 21, 2022

Halloween! 2022

Friday October 28th, Kyle and Isaac returned from their school trip up north just at the end of the school day. We wanted to attend this halloween party at the local High School. 

We had started with a hotel Transylvania theme with Emma being Mavis (the vampire) and Thomas being the green blob. Mary didn't want to be anything from the movie but a skeleton would fit in so went with that. Isaac was up in the air and we decided on a football player last minute, I was able to find a helmet off FB marketplace that I picked up a couple days prior. 


The party was a carnival type party. We bought tickets and they got to play games. 

One of the favorites was the cookie walk. Everyone spent a few tickets here but no winners. 

Then we moved onto bingo. I think Kyle won a bingo and then they stayed and played again while Thomas and I went to another game. 


We had LOTS of tickets to use up and it was getting late. Poor Isaac was EXHAUSTED from his prior few days at camp with school. The girls went back to the cookie walk and both of them WON! That was a highlight. 


Saturday our neighborhood was putting on a thriller theme get together. They even did a thriller dance which my girls did not even practice for but somehow ended up joining them, lol. 


Sunday we brought the pumpkins in and did some carving. 

Monday - Halloween Day! I worked a shift at the hospital. Child Life's theme costume was Playdoh. 

Halloween night was a Monday so we skipped our BSF class this week so the kids could trick or treat in the neighborhood. Thomas made it one house over then ditched the umbrella. 

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